Lotus Elise 111S L111S YO track day car

You're never too old for something new.

In the beginning

I have spent my life trying to be a good, safe and steady, driver. In nearly 50 years of driving I've collected just three penalty points for speeding, but even that I felt like disputing.

There I was poodling along at 40mph on a dual carriageway with a 40mph limit, when the old truck in front of me started pouring out blue smoke and fumes, so I put my foot down and overtook just at the point where a "Safety Camera" was sited. I was clocked at 51mph, drat and double drat!.

I will admit that my goal in life was to get as high an mpg as at all possible from whatever I drove. In my new Mercedes C250 I drove from N E Somerset to Telford in Shropshire and achieved 58.7 mpg, life was good, one day, I thought to myself, I'll get it over 60. It's nice to have an ambition.

E2MSEWhat I hadn't reckoned with was the intervention of two relatives. My son-in-law and my nephew-in-law. Nephew-in-law is professional race driver and champion in Formula Ford several times at Castle Combe, Ed Moore. Ed and his wife, my niece Tasha, run a track day business, Motorsport Events, and son-in-law decided we should go along to a track day. Not wishing to put my new Mercedes on track I opted for a couple of lessons in Tasha's Lotus Elise.......HOOKED.

Getting it wrong at Keevil Airfield August 2011

What can I say! My first time on track at Keevil Airfield, in Tasha's Lotus Elise, with race instructor Jason Coffin, all courtesy of Motorsport Events, I was going too fast into a left hander, turned in too early and when I put my foot on the brake I also hit the accelerator. Ooops, not a good idea, but all right in the end and by the end of the day I loved the Lotus.

And next

It had to happen I suppose, hooked on the Lotus I had to go out and buy one. My target ‐ a low mileage sound car within a set price range, what I found was a silver series 2 2003 111S with 24k on the clock at Stratstone in Leicester and I was soon the proud owner. Proud as Punch I let everyone know that I had ordered the "Silver Bullet"

Of course it wasn't long before I was on track, and much longer before I decided some modifications were required